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Swaps Workshop

CPD Hours: 5


This 5-hour workshop is designed to provide a fast-track review of the main types of swap contracts and how they are used by their clients in retail funds under the wider powers of UCITS III.

No prior knowledge is assumed and all terms will be fully explained.

Case studies form an integral part of the course, to allow the delegates to consolidate the information and provide the basis for group discussions.


At the end of the workshop, delegates will have a better understanding of:

  • Different types of swaps and their uses
  • Risks of using swaps
  • VAR
  • Accounting for swaps

Who Should Attend?

  • Finance and accounting
  • Investment administration and operations
  • Investment professionals
  • IT and software developers
  • Legal and compliance
  • Risk management
  • Senior managers
  • Sales and marketing


  • Introduction
  • Vanilla interest rate swaps
  • Other types of swaps
  • Value at Risk (VAR)
  • UCITS III restrictions


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